Insect declines and why they matters – Dave Goulson

Den i medierne omtalte rapport af Dave Goulson om grunden til insekternes tilbagegang i Storbritannien kan downloades herunder. Forholdene i Danmark og Storbritannien er i en vis udstrækning sammenlignelige. Bortset fra, at 57 % af Danmarks arealer er under plov, mod 26 % i  Storbritannien.

På side 11 og 12 kan man læse  forfatterens vurdering af grundene til tilbagegangen. Causes of declines.

The report highlights the main reasons why our pollinators and other insects are dying:

Habitat loss. The report says:
“Over the last century, natural and semi-natural habitats have been cleared at an accelerating rate to make way for farming, roads, housing estates, factories, lorry parks, golf courses, shopping centres and a multitude of other human endeavours…[Today] many important insect populations [only] persist on small, highly fragmented and isolated islands of habitat.”

Pesticides. The report says:
“c.17,000 tons of poison [is] broadcast across the [UK’s] landscape each year.”
Much of this is associated with intensive farming, but the report also highlights the destructive capacity of domestic usage, where “numerous insecticides, fungicides and herbicides are freely available from garden centres, DIY stores and even supermarkets.”

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Side 11 og 12 med forfatterens vurdering af grundene til tilbagegangen. Causes of declines